As a gastroenterological surgeon, I have done a number of medical treatments for patients. In terms of the fineness of the treatment and care, I am proud that Japan is the best in the world. Actually, when I was studying abroad, I keenly felt that I would like to get a treatment in Japan in case I suffer from a disease. However, we are facing several problems in Japan such as overtime work, and uneven distribution of the healthcare professionals and the department of medical care. It was easy for me to imagine the collapse of the medical care system in near future due to the quality reduction.

However, several obstacles for young medical doctors today, such as the lack of opportunities for them to participate in surgeries, hinder their growth and led them to be away from the surgical department. In this circumstance, it is rare to find young medical doctors who turn their eyes to the world, and the medical field got left behind in the wave of globalization.

#1 Maintenance of the quality of Japanese medicine
#2 Export of the “Japan quality” medicine to the world
#3 Improvement of the public health of the whole world

I established MediTech with these three pillars. Let’s make a big movement together.